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Centralization has no clothes

March 21, 2012

Victims of stupid government application of environmental regulation. Shuttle exploded shortly after liftoff.

Centralization has no clothes. From a forum post:

{{_ [||_ ] It is statist control that stifles innovation, technological included. [||]

{{_ It depends on the structure. In general I agree that a society that is less centralized will tend to be more innovative and technologically advanced. History has shown this.}}

___ It is more placing government in the proper relation to the governed. If something can be done by an entity that does not have the powers of the sword and of taxation, it should be done by that other entity. If there is a choice between a central government and a local government, the responsibility should given to the local. (A proper federal system, such as the one we had before the war over the right to secede, is key.)

{{_ But there can be situations where a centrally funded r&d effort that is very specific and goal driven can succeed. NASA’s work in the ’60s and ’70s was cutting edge,}}

___ There was an arguably proper use of the powers of taxation and the sword in this effort. (The left, of course, had to have improper reasons such as science and hubris.) Winning the space arms race was a major factor in winning the cold war.

{{_ and something the private sector has not been able to jump in and find much success.}}

___ The private sector is increasingly sabotaged by taxation and regulation. The comparisons are unfair, because government, when in competition with the private sector, uses its power unfairly in areas where it does not belong. Think healthcare.

___ When the government wins and assumes control, the situation becomes much worse. The government requlates itself in a super-crippling manner. A small example is stupid application of environmental regulation killing astronauts.

{{_ Whether or not we’re going after uptopian fantasies, or trying to negotiate our way towards an inevitable change in technology when it comes to energy production probably depends on a person’s point of view.}}

___ It depends upon reality. And the best judges of reality are free and informed individuals, not groupthink by self interested experts, activists, politicians, ideologically isolated media, bureaucrats, and the rest of the usual suspects.

{{_ It’s often hard to jump off to new teccnology, because often old technology remains better than new technology for a period of time while new technology is getting up to speed and adopted.}}

Again, the best judges of reality are free and informed individuals using their own money and not money confiscated from the rest of us.

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