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March 21, 2012

Completely believable witness to double rape by experienced rapist on right. Onetime serial rapist, later president of our Nation on left.

I would, perhaps, be a better imitator of Addison, Steele, and Merton if it were not for the decline of manners.

But an education system lacking in reading, writing, arithmetic, and hickory sticks has produced opportunities for the no nonsense defense of scholarly, scientific, civilized, and Christian values.

Another episode in interesting forum debate.

{{_ >>> And the best judges of reality are free and informed individuals, not groupthink by self interested experts, activists, politicians, ideologically isolated media, bureaucrats, and the rest of the usual suspects. <<<
{{_ It would be more convincing if you weren’t repeating the party line propagated by Rupert Murdoch’s media conglomerate.
{{_ I find it amusing that you don’t even realize how much what you just said applies to yourself.}}

It is interesting that rather than evaluating the quoted statement as to its veracity and its general application, indefinite unsupported implied negative non-specific ad hominem assertions are made about its imaginary sources and its admitted author.

The Wall Street Journal opinon people were my heroes before Murdoch. Particularly when they broke the story that clearly demonstrated the last Democrat president’s earlier career as a serial rapist. The WSJ news people are probably still lockstep lefities.

Murdoch is in trouble in Britain (and possibly the US) with the leftie establishment for being reasonably and unashamably right. (Ambiguity intentional.)

Tabloid journalism is tabloid jounalism. Sleazy stories developed through sleazy methods. It is what people freely pay for. The current prosecution is most probably selective along editorial position lines. As is our DOJ’s civil rights prosecution in regard to supposed offenses against politically correct minority-labels on minority-hustler factions.

The British press did us a great favor by keeping us informed via internet of the last Democrat president’s gross immorality.

And the then great magnates of the British press, Black and Murdoch, have paid and are paying the price for offending our leftie bureaucrat overlords both here and abroad.

Happy to defend the heros of our time. Including those associated with me through ignorance. But, as a fan, not, in any sense, as an associate. Like Addison and Steele’s title character, “The Spectator” or the author of “Conjectures of a Guilty Bystander” my aims are not heroic but didactic and edificatory.

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