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UK PM judged by O “Moral Authority”

March 20, 2012

Our president has established a new international standard for “moral authority”. Other heads of government are judged by our president’s standard of “moral authority”.


Ancient tradition of "kowtowing". Used to illustrate UK PM's recognition of the "Moral Authority" of our president. - from linked article

The moral authority of David Cameron | Melanie Phillips: “Is that so? Let’s see now. President Obama has:

• – Neutered American power abroad and extended the reach of the state at home

• – Appeased Iran while dumping on its designated target of annihilation, Israel

• – Appeased the Palestinians while dumping on the state they vow to destroy, Israel

• – Given Iran time to bring its genocide nuclear bomb to fruition

• – Helped consolidate in power the repressive and murderous Iranian regime by ignoring the plight of its political dissidents, women, gays and other victims of Iranian state terror

• – Allowed Iran to become the regional hegemon, thus in turn pushing moderate Arab states into its arms

• – Empowered the fanatical Islamist Muslim Brotherhood throughout the Arab world

• – Helped bring to power a regime in Egypt which is oppressive to its own people and hostile to Israel and the west

• – Helped bring to power a regime in Libya which is oppressive to its own people and hostile to Israel and the west

• – Stood by and done nothing while President Assad butchers untold thousands of Syrian citizens

• – Surrendered in Afghanistan

• – Abandoned Iraq to the enemies of the west

• – Downplayed Islamist aggression at home, eg by declaring the 2009 Fort Hood massacre, where an Islamist terrorist killed 13 American soldiers and wounded 29 more, ‘work place violence’ not a terrorist attack

• – Taken the side of Argentinian aggression against Britain over the Falkland Islands (at least until this week when he agreed to return to a neutral position)

• – Sought to deny freedom of religious conscience at home by forcing Catholics to sign up to abortion and contraception services (and his backtracking compromise was scarcely any better)

• – Attacked free enterprise, as in his blockage of the Keystone XL oil pipeline from Canada to the Gulf of Mexico, while ruinously increasing American debt through public spending designed to increase state power over people’s lives.

And more.

And then uses our president’s record of “moral authority” to evaluate the “moral authority” of the head of government of her own nation.

When David Cameron tells us that Barack Obama has ‘pressed the reset button on the moral authority of the entire free world’, what does that tell us about the moral authority of David Cameron?

And some deny that our president is an outstandingly effective leader of the entire free world.

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