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Anti-birthers babble on

March 20, 2012

Oh where, oh where was this cute baby born, / Oh where, oh where, can it be? / Zanzibar may be found as the answer, someday. / Then where, oh where, will we be?

Defending our president’s state of undocumented elgibility for his office is driving many to ridiculous inane babble. From a forum post.

___ Thanks for your splendid example of the the normal response of many on the left to honest opinion and facts and logic and reason clearly presented. Please note frequent reference to footnotes.

{{_ [J S ->] taken seriously by many sources [|] What sources would they be? [___ Check prior post. *1, *5] [/] [J S ->] Jerome Corsi is an established writer, [|] Yep and RW slanted. All his articles have slanted that way and he is a well known “Conspiracy theorist.” [*2, *3, *4] [/] [J S ->]Hawaii never certified the White House document [|] YES [*1, *5, *6] ((_ [J S ->] could have been generated for a birth anywhere in the world [___ Normal and legal at the time to register foreign birth with the state with little documentation.] [|]

{{_ Are you a supporter of Limbaugh? [*3, *4] [___ FYI. Limbaugh’s accuracy is professionally rated.] [/] Do you support the rotten pubs war on women? [*7, *2, *3, *6] [/] Do you put the zygote,embryo etc. that CANNOT survive birth ABOVE a born person [___ Are you including unwanted born persons that our president is on record of equating with the unwanted unborn? ],especially a woman faced with an unwanted and possible dangerous pregnancy? [*7, *2, *3, *6] Are you a rotten pub or just a regular one? [*7, *2, *3, *6]

((_ Could have,BUT not an absolute.The Honolulu Star stands by it’s accuracy. [Spin. Newspapers reported birth registration, which was often fraudulent.  And not place of birth which legally included foreign birth.] [*1, *3, *6] [/] The World NET(NUT) Daily is a RW rag that specializes in conspiracy theories. Their so called facts, [*2, *3, *6] reflect the right wing hate that is griping the country. [___ Completely ridiculous assertion. *2, *3, *4,*6]

((_ I suspect you really hate Obama [___ Reasonable dislike is not hate. I believe that those who truly find our president “likable” are few in number. Many, of course, dislike his words, actions, and apparent moral compass. *2, *3, *4 *6] because you are a birther. [___ FYI, Informed birthers prefer Zanzibar to Kenya *8, *2, *3, *6]

((_ You sure eat this stuff [___ Interesting euphemism. I am reminded of the Starr Report footnotes on “oral-anal contact” received by the last Democrat president] up. [*2, *3, *4, *5, *6] }}

___ *1 Ignorance of prior post on thread. ___ *2 Over the top invective. ___ *3 Unsourced mega-assertions. ___ *4 Ad hominem on speed ___ *5 Unusual lack of understanding. ___ *6 Unusual acceptance of spin. ___ *7 Unwarranted premise in question ___ *8 Acceptance of leftie slang and spun definitions thereof.

___ Thanks again for your splendid mini-parade of leftie illogic, talking points and invective.

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