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Wisdom from Ohio

March 19, 2012

Tom Skoch, of Northern Ohio's, Editor's Journal

Wisdom from Ohio. Editor’s take on current events at the national level.

If the Obama Administration has proven one thing, it is that virtually everything it has said has been a lie.

Every trumpeted milestone has come with a slew of asterisks and footnotes that reveal it to be a sham.

Hypocrisy flies higher than the flag at the White House today.

To distract from serious discussion of vital, basic issues and failures of this administration, there will be an orchestrated parade of fake crises and trivializing tangents to serious discussions.

A recent example — the assault on religious freedom was diverted into babbling about Sandra Fluke’s contraceptive needs.

It was accompanied by strident braying over an apologetic conservative talk show host while simultaneously ignoring far more vile and frequent insults from entertainers friendly to the cause of confusion.

All but forgotten, intentionally, was the administration’s disembowling of the First Amendment.

[Paragraphing modified. Sentences too good to hide.]

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