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O’s film gets 3 Pinocchios from WaPo

March 19, 2012

Our president’s re-election campaign film gets a Three Pinoccios prevariacation prize from the Washington Post.

Et tu, Washington Post! Then fall, O mythology?

Our president’s 2012 campaign film avoids blatant spin by candidate O in 2008 but still gets a Three Pinocchio rating from, of all people, a newspaper known as “the bulletin board of the Demorcratic party, the trained attack dog of the radical left”.

O's 2012 campaign film's Three Pinocchio prevarication prize from the Washington Post

‘The Road We’ve Traveled:’ A misleading account of Obama’s mother and her insurance dispute -The Washington Post “The Pinocchio Test We use a “reasonable man” standard here, and we think there are few viewers of this film who would watch this sequence and conclude that Dunham was involved in anything but a fight over health-insurance coverage.

The disability-insurance dispute certainly may have motivated the president, but he has never explicitly stated that.

In any case, the filmmakers must have known they had a problem with this story or else they would have recounted it as Obama had done in the 2008 campaign, using phrases such as “pre-existing conditions,” “health insurance,” and   “treatment.”

Instead, they arranged the quotes and images to leave a misleading impression of what really happened.

Three Pinocchios. (About our rating scale [link at linked article])”

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