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Liars sold Obamacare

March 17, 2012

Liar-in-chief in lying clothing on lying cover of lying magazine

Which to believe? Statist statistics. or your own common sense?

There are many problems with the U.S. health system. But  figuring out how to fix them requires a clear understanding of where we  fall short. Too often, Americans appear to think that other countries,  such as Canada, Britain or France, offer a “magic bullet” healthcare  system that would cure our ills. A fairer comparison reveals that  the performance of the U.S. health system is far superior to the  statistical caricature critics have presented.

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  1. Some “Christian” forum moderators have been disturbed by copy of this post on forums. My response to one:

    “Calling obvious lies, lies. And the perpetrators liars. Are not ad hominem attacks. [/] Particularly when the perpetrators are public servants, responsible to the public for their conduct. [/] It is understood that such truthful commentary way violate the decorum of certain venues. [/] Will be happy to abide with local rules of polite discourse. [/] Most likely by avoiding politics lest I violate the truth by euphemism. [/] Please let me know how I may appear to be doing.”

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