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Anti-birther lies from AP

March 15, 2012

Mixed size pixels, white halo, etc. betray multi-sourced White House forgery

Anti-birther lies from AP. Our presidents slavish defenders do not deserve the euphemism of “half-truth”. Nor, in this case, would it be correct. Egregiously negligent misfeasance amd deliberate malfeasanse by AP. Matching the character of our president’s high crimes and misdemeanors.

Hawaii officials have regularly verified Obama’s citizenship, and the White House released a copy of the president’s long-form birth certificate in April in an attempt to quell the issue. Courts also have rebuffed lawsuits over the issue.

Occaisional statements of Hawaiian officials have had little regularity. None addressed the issue of Constitutionally natural born as opposed to native born or as opposed to naturalized subsequent to dual (or triple) citizenship. None were under oath. None provided verifiable detail. None verified details of internet documents provided by campaign in 2008 and our president in 2012. Registration of birth in Hawaii at the time was particularly open to fraud and did not require either Hawaiian or US place of birth. The obviousness of the White House forgery rivals the obviousness of Dan Rather’s fraudulent Bush National Guard documents.

In the absence of enforcement legislation concerning qualification courts have used judicial restraint and questioned qualifications of petitioners and refrained from addressing the feebleness of asumptions that our president is Constitutionally qualified for the office he holds.

Interesting video: “Hard Evidence” that Obama’s Birth Certificate is a Forgery – YouTube  The included crude Post Office date stamp forgery on our president’s selective service registration card is particularly amateurish. What sort of fools does our president and his minions take us for?

Arizona officials and legislators are attempting to remedy the lack of procedures to ensure that valid evidence of a candidate meeting Constitutional qualifications is provided to the People in whose name the Constitution was written.

My opinion is that the failure of a candidate to meet these qualifications may be ignored by the electorate if the electorate fully aware of the fact.

Concealing such lack of qualification is treasonous, and sure grounds for fast track impeachment, conviction and removal from office. Federal capital crime trials for those involved in such deception of the sovereign People also seem warrented.

I understand that the 2008 Democrat National Convention broke with tradition. In the certification of their nominees to the secretaries of state of the several states, the Democrat convention did not include the traditional certification that their certified nominees had met the Constitutional qualifications for office.

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