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The more-equal enjoy long wallow

March 11, 2012

Mythical rewards of more equal animals

Dull gray more-equal animals enjoy a long wallow in economic quicksand.

Nevertheless, the comparisons of Obama to Carter have something to them besides the dull gray feeling of each presidency, the four-year wallow in economic quicksand.

Both men were borne into office on a surge of good feeling — a clean slate, renewal, possibility bordering on exhilaration. And both men seemed hurt, embittered and overwhelmed when history fell short of hype. To this day, Carter is still defending the extraordinary 1979 prime-time address in which he chided America for its “crisis of confidence” #though Carter never used the word, it will forever be known as “the malaise speech”#.

Same obviously lame excuse for non-feasance, mis-feasance, and, now, egregiously impeachable mal-feasance.

If we work together. The phrase was for Carter, as it is to Obama, a rebuke.  It’s like a frustrated spouse saying, “I could have gotten that promotion, given  a little time to prepare, but I just don’t get any help around the house.”

President Obama is fond of blaming his troubles on an obstructionist  Congress, though he had massive majorities in both houses for two years — and  the reason the House of Representatives now opposes him is simply because it was  ordered to do so by the same voters he believes wanted him to go even further  down the path he was heading.

In essence, in every speech, Obama is telling citizens, “Don’t blame me.  Blame yourselves for voting in all those Republicans.” He omits to mention that,  for three-quarters of the Clinton presidency and all of the Reagan presidency,  the House was in the hands of the opposition. [- ibid.]

Big difficulty avoiding this 2nd term wallow in economic quicksand: The great disguise of a pointy-headed, psuedo-intellectual, ellite-education-certified, crypto-Comunist, machine-politico, black-liberation-theology, Islam-sympathizing, 99%-white-nurtured, ravening statist wolf in black sheep’s clothing.

Will white wolf in black sheep's clothing attain satifaction for his inner more equal animal? Stay tuned.

The Soviets and their satellites replicated in reality the fable of Animal Farm. Will we?

The 7 Commandments are abridged for the last time, simply reading, “All animals are equal but some animals are more equal than others.”

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