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The echo-chambered kalaidascope

March 11, 2012

Kalaidascope image

The echo-chambered kalaidascope. Simple directions. Take colorful and appealing fragments of the truths that are being smashed. Arrange at random. Send image as talking points email to media echo chambers. The symetric replication of pleasingly colored randomness generates a mesmerizing aura of authenticity and universality, and of the innate goodness of our media and their masters.

But some, like one of Lucianne’s “big blog daddies”, finds comedy, tradgedy, and the seeds of both: the inconsistencies of the obviously false:

Hmmm. A prayer vigil for Obamacare. This seems to me something of a category error with seeds of comedy buried in it. Something tells me these folks lack a sense of humor, or maybe even a deft political touch.

What next? Kill for Mother Teresa! Sing for laryngitis! Screw for chastity!

Big Brother is watching

George Orwell will help me get my mind around it. War is peace. Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is strength. Rinse and repeat. It is no accident, as they say, that the folks who are helping to organize a prayer vigil for Obamacare are also the modern masters of the Two Minutes Hate. No accident at all. [My emphasis] – Powerline

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