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Romney’s unappreciated greatness

March 11, 2012

Mitt Romney marches on.

The commentariat misses much. Particularly much that is not in tune with leftie lunacy.

Such as our undocumented president’s essential emptiness and disociated polyfragmented multi-semi-adopted rose-tinted utopian ideologies.

Such as conservative and Republican merits: Gingrich’s solid logic, Santorum’s all-American heart, and, wait for it, Romney’s sense of humor.

When Mitt Romney, campaigning in Mississippi on Friday, said “y’all,” the collective cringe from the political world was practically audible. Another awkward moment from the GOP’s animatronic front-runner! Another terribly off-key pander!

But maybe it was something else: a wry joke. For all the hype about his woodenness, Romney, I submit, actually has the most sophisticated — and underappreciated — sense of humor of any presidential candidate. It is dry, self-deprecating and a bit dark, a far cry from the safely hokey laugh lines of most politicians on the stump.

And it bespeaks a confidence and flair not often attributed to the much-maligned candidate.

This is the man who famously went to Michigan, the state he grew up in and then left for good, and praised it thus: “The trees are the right height.” You pretty much can’t get a better absurdist parody of politicians’ vapid sure-is-nice-to-be-here patter than that.

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