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O fast-tracks sharia

March 9, 2012

United States ambassadors are encouraging creeping sharia in France, Ireland, Austria, Norway, Brittain, Spain, etc. Our president and our secretary of state are pushing the sort of hyper-multiculturalism which encourages fragmentation of civil order and general lawlessness. (Only in friendly, non-Muslim nations, of course. The degree of multi-culturalism found in Muslim nations appears to meet with our president’s approval.)

O becomes aware of unintended anti-Islam action


The French government – which has been trying to reverse the pernicious effects of decades of state-sponsored multiculturalism – expressed dismay at what it called “meddling.”

Obama’s  representatives in Europe are on an apology and outreach mission to affirm US solidarity with “marginalized” Muslim  enclaves and pressing foreign governments to open up their institutions to  accommodate Islamic cultural norms (i.e., to become more Sharia  compliant).

The bottom line is that Obama’s “Counter-Radicalization” strategy is a give in to blackmail. The West must give in to creeping Sharia or pay the price: terrorist attacks. Only the tribute this time is not money but values – especially the values of freedom of association (the right to leave a religion) and freedom of speech (the right to criticize a religion). However tendentious the justification, it is blackmail. And the Obama administration is giving in.

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