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Malfeasance marches on

March 9, 2012

Egregious impeachable malfeasance marches on. If treasonous malfeasance is not a high crime, it certainly is a high misdemeanor of uncommon unsightlyness.

These negotiations don’t just gain time for a nuclear program about whose military intent the International Atomic Energy Agency is issuing alarming warnings. They make it extremely difficult for Israel to do anything about it (while it still can), lest Israel be universally condemned for having aborted a diplomatic solution.

Some never shoulder grown-up responsibilities

If the administration were serious about achievement rather than appearance, it would have warned that this was the last chance for Iran to come clean and would have demanded a short timeline. After all, President Obama insisted on deadlines for the Iraq withdrawal, the Afghan surge and Israeli-Palestinian negotiations. Why leave these crucial talks open-ended when the nuclear clock is ticking?

And nuclear dwarfs and would-be nuclear dwarfs intimidate on. “A blustering we will go, / A blustering we will go, / Ho ho the merry O, / A blustering we will go.”

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