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Our elite barbarians

March 8, 2012

Our elites’ descent from the deification of human reason to the practice of verbal barbarism explaned.

Our barbarian-in-chief


These traits can be explained, insofar as the general public is concerned, as the consequence of their subjection for the past forty years to a woeful and deliberately incomplete education bordering on indoctrination.

However, this factor does not fully explain many of the so-called best and brightest falling into the same abyss and being unable to coherently expound on an original thought or concept.  While this is true for a few on the conservative side of the political spectrum, it is overwhelmingly the case among those who self-identify as liberals or progressives.

Those who publicly espouse the statist philosophy do so in age-old and threadbare platitudes.  The depth of thought rarely exceeds three basic tenets: 1) capitalism and individual wealth accumulation are evil; 2) only an economy and society dominated and controlled by a powerful central government can guarantee fairness of outcome; and 3) anyone who disagrees with 1 and 2 is dangerous, ignorant, and not only greedy, but tyrannical and thus must be relegated to the ash heap of society.

Failing to understand that these tenets have been in existence since the late 1840s, the current proponents act as if they have discovered some new and overwhelmingly successful concept.

The failure of those nations that chose to go down this road is conveniently ignored or mired in blissful ignorance.

Mindlessly defending American progressivism is all that matters. This is most evident when the advocates of this errant viewpoint appear on television or the radio to debate or discuss the issues of the day.

Whenever conveniently among their fellow-travelers, every conversation immediately degenerates into a creative name-calling or false accusation exercise aimed at any and all on the right who vehemently disagree with the left and their stewardship of the country.

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