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Bureaucrats target anti-bureaucrats

March 6, 2012

Bureaucrats target anti-bureaucrats. A truism. Comes naturally, actually.

So our noble law enforcement bureaucrats are courageously spending taxpayer money to impede, bankrupt, and/or imprison. Those powerful lords of the mass media whose privately owned media are critical of any portion of the great world-wide proclaimedly well-intentioned bureaucracy complex.

Having imprisioned Conrad Black, they are not resting on well-deserved laurels. They march on. Targeting Rupert Murdoch. Looking for any chink in his armor in any breech in any manner, in any subsidiary, in any country, of any law. (Holy inconsistent mixed metaphors, Batman!) Ignoring the frequent stupidity of our law.

The FBI is investigating whether a Russian billboard company once owned by media giant News Corp. bribed local officials to get sign placements approved, part of a growing probe of Rupert Murdoch’s company that stems from a scandal in the U.K. The expanding investigation of News Corp. properties — besides the British tabloids accused of phone hacking and bribery of public officials — is typical of a U.S. probe of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act. The 1977 act allows the Justice Department to levy hefty fines on U.S.-based companies for ill-gotten profits that come from bribing foreign officials.

Full disclosure: Conrad Black’s onetime ownership of the Telegraph [UK] was a news source second only to Lucianne. Black’s commentary written in a Florida prision is second only to Mark Steyn.

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