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The hallowedness of non-hollow men

March 4, 2012

Behold! The hallowedness of our few non-hollow public men. As opposed to the vain evilness of our many hollow public men. And the sickening luke-warmedness of our half-hallowed half-hollow. The prophetic poet warned us.

We are the hollow men / We are the stuffed men / Leaning together / Headpiece filled with straw. […] Sightless, unless / The eyes reappear / As the perpetual star / Multifoliate rose / Of death’s twilight kingdom / The hope only / Of empty men.

Electronic amplification and propagation, fully professional media presentation, vocal training and practice, the talking points echo chambers, similiarly-empty elite education and journalism, all disguise the vanity of hollowness. The voices described by the poet as:

Alas! / Our dried voices, when / We whisper together / Are quiet and meaningless / As wind in dry grass / Or rats’ feet over broken glass / In our dry cellar – ibid.

Have become somewhat grand through well organized bureaucracies, and modern technology, and, last but not least, sheer repitition.

But this modern dark age, which “dawned” in the obvious falsity of what the hollowness titles “Enlightenment”, is providentially meliorated by fixed and wandering and shooting stars, and even by sparks. Thanks to the Father of lights in Whom there is neither variation nor shadow of turning.

This spark was lit after listening to a radio program by Mark Levin in 2007, and become a bright flame with Breitbart You see, there is a defining characteristic in these men: authenticity. This most admirably quality is lacking in the vast majority of our so-called leaders and pundits today. Pandering, party allegiance, and complacency have become the norm, leaving those of us with a hunger for real debate practically nowhere to turn. It is an unfortunate — yet common — occurrence for cable news channels to drag out Republican and Democratic operatives who simply tow the party line. The Elephant vs. The Donkey might as well be The Yankees vs. The Red Sox. Pick a side, put on a uniform, and step up to bat. Breitbart initially stood out to me because he was unique from this crowd. He had an honest personality and was focusing on specific issues he felt passionate about. I was first introduced to the man when he broke the ACORN story with James O’Keefe. At that time, I was a 23-year-old graduate student at George Mason University working on a semester-long report on the Community Reinvestment Act. My specific focus was on the role of ACORN and its implementation of the CRA. I had spent months digging up old files and books written by former ACORN staffers that revealed to me the layers of corruption within the community group. The dishonest organization was using CRA regulations to increase their capital flow.[My emphasis]

The “authentic” man is one in whom an important aspect is clearly seen, an important aspect of the One in Whose image all are created.

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