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Safe nuclear power vs. man’s depravity

March 4, 2012

Safe nuclear power vs. man’s universal and helpless depravity. Safe nuclear power seems beyond the capacity of humanity, at least as presently enculurated, educated, and organized. There seems to be no way to ensure that a nuclear power installation will be operated safely in perpetuity. The plant might be controlled by a reverse Dr. Strangelove, anti-doomsday machine. But the machine might be short circuited by tomorrow’s technology.

“It was extreme luck that Japan managed to avoid experiencing the most disastrous day,” reported Koichi Kitazawa, a former head of the country’s   Science and Technology Agency and a prominent member of the inquiry. It   showed that there could have been a “devil’s chain reaction” of nuclear explosions. If that had happened, said Yukio Edano, the chief cabinet   secretary, Tokyo would have been “finished”. [My emphasis]

UPDATE: The above source was undoubtedly slanted and/or spun by author and/or source. See link below. My conclusion about depravity and nuclear safety was made some months ago. I anticipate some support when and if the details of the Fukishima fiasco are made clear. The latest investigative report has only been selectively released and may contain bias and spin which may have been enhanced by the writer of the above linked article.

It was perfectly reasonable for the Japanese authorities to have imagined and considered the very worst possible course of events in the aftermath of Fukushima meltdown. But it’s a mistake to oversell the risks of such a scenario in hindsight. Yes, things could have turned out much worse—just as they could have turned out much better. As the Times and the rest of the news media cover the anniversary of the tsunami, they would do well to keep Cohen’s warning in mind.

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