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Arithmetic vs. Algebra

March 4, 2012

Arithmetic vs. Algebra. The deplorable ignorance of mathematics is part of the deplorable lack of reason and common sense by both the generality and our psuedo-educated elites. But there is a great gulf between proficiency in arithmetic and proficiency in algebra which is ignored through the BBC ignorance displayed in the quoted and linked article.

Arithmetic. The four essential elements of the basic American education of yesteryear have been celebrated in song. Such education has met with a certain degree of national success. Becoming number one by many measures in many areas, to be precise.

Readin’ and ‘ritin’ and ‘rithmetic [/] Taught to the tune of the hickory stick

(Of the four essential basic education elements, the most important and most ignored and deprecated today is, of course, the one that has very strong scriptural support and is very obviously true in the innate knowledge and experience of all.

[(] Proverbs 22:15 [|] “Children are selfish, willful, impatient, lazy, discontent, liars, conceited, rebellious, etc. They do not need to be taught these things, as they know them instinctively from birth. Without training, children only know foolish thought processes and reactions to life. If they are not corrected and taught wisdom, they will pursue these errors to a life of h%%%. And the best and only way of such correction and training is by the use of the rod. ” [)]

Success and ease in many activities of daily life is ensured by sound and well disciplined training in the basic procedures of arithmetic. Even the BBC seens to recognize this.

Algebra. Knowledge of basic algebra, most importantly, “Let ‘x’ equal ‘human language description of unknown number associated with real world entity'”, is the gateway to knowledge of algorithmic language. And knowledge of algorithmic language is the gateway to computer programming. And computer programming is the proper human use of the stored program digital computer. So far, our highly successful, but bloated, computer establishment has been increasing efficiency through computer simulations of obsolete procedures and devices. It took humanity a century to make iron tools rather than iron replicas of bronze tools. The nation or group that is inspired to jumpstart the use of computers as an integrated extension and tool of the mind may become this century’s champion.

The group, National Numeracy, says millions of people struggle to understand a payslip or a train timetable, or pay a household bill. It wants to challenge a mindset which views poor numeracy as a “badge of honour”. It aims to emulate the success of the National Literacy Trust. This has helped improve reading and writing standards since it was set up nearly 20 years ago. Government figures show almost half the working population of England have only primary school maths skills. National Numeracy quotes from research suggesting weak maths skills are linked with an array of poor life outcomes such as prison, unemployment, exclusion from school, poverty and long-term illness.

The mathematical ignorance displayed by this BBC article is par for the course. The BBC is noted as the world champion of leftie anti-reason spin.

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