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Lefttie led lemmings swim on

March 3, 2012

Leftie led lemmings swim on: ignoring leftie led mass annihilations in Russia, China, Cuba, Cambodia, etc., in the recent past; ignoring leftie statist idealism instigated financial debacles; ignoring leftie inspired subordination of democracies to pan-Europe bureaucratic overlords; ignoring leftie led Euro lemmings lurching into default; ignoring the defects of our egregiously impeachable and hyper-undocumented president.

The patterns of real world events are becoming increasingly difficult for even the most dedicated of leftists to ignore. The leftie soft soap bubbles in which leftists dwell in grand elitist isolation from normal people are popping. The fog of Marxist thought is disipating. The light of reason and reality and inner common sense which the Father of lights grants to all but the intentionally blind may be having some slight effect.

In recent years, American liberals’ love-affair with all things contemporary Western European (sans Margaret Thatcher and Benedict XVI) has acquired an increasingly desperate edge. As evidence for the European social model’s severe dysfunctionality continues to mount before our eyes, the American left is acutely aware how much it discredits its decades-old effort to take America down the same economic path. Hence, the ever-more screechy insistence that Europe’s existing mess is due to specific, even one-off factors.

The prefered singular and adjectival forms of “leftist” are, of course, both “leftie”. The diminutive feminine gender suffix is, of course, in line with the root meaning of “diminutive”, “gender” and “feminine”, indicative of the essential smallness and passivity of unreal dreams and false ideals and fancy fiction-based pseudo-rabble-rousing words, as opposed to the real world work, worries and conflicts of normal folk.

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