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Sovereignty | Complaints

March 1, 2012

From a forum post.

No nation has signed away its sovereign rights when it joined the UN.

There are treaties that limit some rights, but there is nothing in basic international law to prevent any nation from unilaterally rescinding a treaty.

Sovereignty that is properly recognized under international law by other sovereign nations requires the willingness and capacity to use force to maintain law and order within their borders.

And such real world sovereignty is given by Providence. Men merely, when they are wise, recognize the sovereigns and governments that God provides in love and justice to all men according to His sovereign will.

Disraeli said “Never complain, never explain.” This is good practical advice in many cases. But it does not diminish the right to complain.

Many parents may teach their children not to complain about faults in others when others have a case against them for the same faults. This is good practical advice for many cases. But adults should know better than to apply this parental edict to all men and all nations in all situations.

The child of God should fully trust and rest in His absolutely sovereign will in all that occurs. But he may actually complain at times. And he certainly has understanding for the complaints of others. And would not deny them their rights under the law to file criminal complaints or civil lawsuits or to petition their government for the redress of grievances.

Reporting, to God in prayer or to others, the discomfort and injury apparently caused by the actions of some to self and/or others, is not precisely a complaint, but may generally be termed a useful communication.

Thanks for bringing these things to mind.

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