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Get baptized and burn your Koran

March 1, 2012

From a forum post.

The deliberate burning of the Koran is not without scriptural precedent. Some early Christians burned those of their books that taught the black arts that they had renounced. (Probably including the making of poisionous and aphrodaisiac potions.)

It may be classed as symbolic speech, similar to the act of a onetime Muslim undergoing Christian baptism.

It is directed at a false religion which has posioned Muslims, their nations, and their culture for centuries.

It is directed at Islam, a false religion originated by a false and obviously immoral prophet, not at Muslims, who are creatures made in the image of God, and, most often, likable people, and, most obviously, the principle victims of Islam.

Rioting over the accidental burning of the Koran is insanity, insanity possibly sanctioned by obviously false and immoral religious notions, lies and contrivances, but insanity nonetheless.

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