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Media notable insults N. Korea & Halle Berry’s chest

February 27, 2012

As Robin would say, “Holy ineptitude, Batman!”. Oscar “journalism” biggie messes up, big-time squared. Fails to pay proper respect to the ashes of North Korea’s late head of state, and proper respect to the intended co-resting-places of said ashes, the Academy Awards sacred red carpet, and Halle Berry’s chest, and proper respect to the dress uniformed Admiral-General Aladeen, head of state of the Republic of Wadiya. Video at linked article shows this disgraceful and barbarous behavior by said biggie and associated Oscar goon squad.

(Even if he privately believed that the situation was somehow a diabolical plot, he should have remembered that, as an entertainment media biggie, his first professional ethical duty was ensure that the show go on.)

Of course, Kim Jong-il ended up Ryan Seacrest’s tuxedo. During an interview with the E! host on the red carpet, Baron Cohen/Gen. Aladeen “accidentally” spilled the ashes on Seacrest, who appeared visibly flustered on camera as security pulled the actor away. (He had meant to sprinkle the ashes “over Halle Berry’s chest.”) “I had a feeling something was coming,” said Seacrest, wiping off his jacket.

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