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Dan Rather: detest O, not hate O

February 26, 2012

(Dan Rather, about as old as I, and from Texas, has retained a smidgen of old-fashioned honesty and decency, despite a long and sucessful career in our morally bankrupt mass media. Despite complicity in fraud and forgery designed to treasonously and feloniously mal-inform our electorate and our sovereign People.)

Dan Rather, on the Chris Matthews Sunday show, has just made the proper correction of the media lockstep description of the attitudes of those of us who see US politics clearly.

We do not hate our president.

We detest him.

We detest the persona while honoring the office.

This split vision is one of the duties of  citizenship, particularly in a democracy.

Those of us who claim to be Christian generally agree that it is the devil and all his works that should be vigorously hated and detested.

God’s love for the inhabitants of the present creation, both the just and the unjust, ought not to be hindered through lack of prayer for those exhibiting the hateful and detestable results of the obvious work of the prince of this world.

The natural and soulish and fleshly detestation ought to give way to proper and spiritual tough love through the sought-for intervention of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

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