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Point guards march on

February 24, 2012

Athletic super-stardom a prerequisite  for American ethnic equality?

Irish achieved equality after great Notre Dame teams of the thirties.

Blacks achieved equality after Jackie Robinson, etc.

And now Knicks point guard Lin may precede equal treatment of Asian-Americans in Ivy League education.

It is not just Harvard. The report went on to say: “Asian-American students who enrolled at Duke University in Durham, North Carolina in 2001 and 2002 scored 1457 out of 1600 on the math and reading portion of the SAT, compared to 1416 for whites, 1347 for Hispanics and 1275 for blacks, according to a 2011 study co-authored by Duke economist Peter Arcidiacono.” That is racism. That must end. I hope trust that the John Roberts court of the U.S. Supreme Court will show the same guts the Earl Warren court showed 62 years ago when it unanimously struck down “separate but equal” when it rules on an affirmative action case later this year.

Actually, Harvard had it right in its beginning when the status of a student was not based on ethnicity per se, or grades, or intelligence, or popularity, or sports, or other extra-curricular activity, but on the only proper basis. The social status of the man. Requiring valectory adresses in Hebrew was also entirely proper.

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