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Greek economic slavery detailed

February 24, 2012

“Among the measures that must be completed in the next seven days are reducing state spending on pharmaceuticals by €1.1bn; completing 75 full-scale audits and 225 value added tax audits of large taxpayers; and liberalising professions such as beauty salons, tour guides and diet centres. Even the longer-term reforms must be completed quickly. A draft 49-page “memorandum of understanding on specific economic policy conditionality”, dated February 9, includes dozens of measures that must be completed in the first half of the year. Many structural measures were agreed in 2010 as part of Greece’s first rescue package but were blocked by influential interest groups, trade unions and some senior finance ministry officials.”

Today Greece, tomorrow Spain, … France, … Germany, … UK, … China, … US, …

The money owed to bank stockholders because of government-politics-banker-complex folly must be fully repaid by taxpayers.

Big government  marches on.

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