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Abortion ok in UK if motive not offensive to “minority”

February 24, 2012

Interesting. The grounds of discomfort presumably okay. And okay for the taxpayer to pick up the tab.

But, “the grounds of [sex [gender is a grammatical term]]” it becomes a “morally repugnant”, “illegal”,  felony (apparently, a hate crime, one supposes).

So the termination of the life of an individual human biological entity becomes a crime only if the motive violates politically defined correctness.

Relative triviality of motive is not seen as “morally repugnant”.

And the proper morality decider is the central government bureaucracy, not the opinions of family and community.

Scotland Yard launches investigation into doctors who agreed to illegal abortions of baby girls [/] Police have launched an investigation into doctors who offered to abortion babies   because of their gender following an undercover Daily Telegraph investigation. […]

In an article for this newspaper, Mr Lansley warns doctors that they will face   the “full force” of the law if they break the 1967 Abortion Act. “Carrying   out an abortion on the grounds of gender alone is in my view morally   repugnant,” he writes. [/] “It is also illegal. Whatever an individual’s opinion on abortion … laws in   this country are decided by Parliament, not by individual doctors. If some   professionals disagree with the law as it stands they should argue their   case for change. Simply flouting them in a belief that they know better is   unacceptable.” [/] The Health Secretary added: “Anyone indulging in illegal activity must   understand that they are running a great risk. The potential penalty for   breaking abortion legislation is imprisonment. Doctors could be struck off.   And we will not hesitate to pursue any evidence which comes into our hands.”

Undercover reporters accompanied pregnant women to nine abortion clinics   around the country. Three offered to arrange terminations for women who said   they wanted to end their pregnancy because they were unhappy with the sex of   the baby. [/] When a woman who was 12 weeks pregnant had an appointment with a doctor at the   Calthorpe Clinic, she explained that she wanted to terminate her pregnancy   because she had discovered she was having a girl but her and her partner   “don’t want a girl”. [/] “Is that the reason?” asked the doctor, who introduced himself as Dr Raj.   “That’s not fair. It’s like female infanticide isn’t it?” [/] When the pregnant woman asked if he could put down a different reason for the   termination, the doctor said: “That’s right, yeah, because it’s not a good   reason anytime … I’ll put too young for pregnancy, yeah?” [/] The patient agreed, at which point Dr Mohan again said: “It’s common in the   Third World to have a female infanticide.”

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