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Revolution being blogged, u-tubed, and twittered

February 19, 2012

From an American blog in Cairo. Hat tip: Samdmonkey.”Which isn’t normal for me, or for Egypt.  Egyptians are known for being some of the most hospitable people on the planet.  They’re also great at distinguishing between governments and ordinary citizens.  Plus, they’ve always been cool about discussing politics.  So much so that I would roll my eyes every time a fellow American asked me, quite incredulously, “but aren’t you afraid to tell people there that you’re American?”  Unfortunately, I can no longer roll my eyes when someone asks me this question.  For as much as it irritates me to feed into some Americans’ small-mindedness, being American in Egypt just isn’t the same anymore.  I spent the past 8 years traveling to, studying and living in bastions of anti-Americanism such as Yemen, Syria, Cuba, and Egypt.  And I never thought twice about saying I’m American.  Here and now, however, I’m starting to think twice.  And thrice.”

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  1. “Aside from Egyptian opinion vis-à-vis democracy, Americans should be thinking about something else. Democracy + Middle East = religious extremism. That’s neither in the interest of the people, nor of the United States. It’s so simple. What’s not to get? Or do we just have to win every battle, physical and ideological.” – ibid.

  2. Great blogger. Has enough sense to have text as very light gray on black. Great for tired eyes. (White background is a familiarty fetish which greatly reduces reading ability in order to imitate an obsolete technology. “User-friendly” really means “non-user friendly” and “real-user frustration”.) Lord willing, will switch to very light blue on very dark blue on this blog soon. Not being as good looking as the Cairo lady, I am driven to friendlier colors.

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