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Verse of the Day 120218

February 18, 2012

(Oba 1:10 NKJ) For violence against your brother Jacob, Shame shall cover you, And you shall be cut off forever.

Mini-lesson: Violence against that which bears Jacob’s better name today is not without risk of Judgement.

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  1. From a forum thread on this blog post:
    Dear Paul,

    Trust that this is not too political for the forum.

    Those who believe in scripture, whatever their politics, ought to be reminded that when enmity against that which calls itself Israel or Christian is based in part on enmity against the God of the Bible, such godlessness and lawlessness will have a proper reward.

    Those who claim both physical and spritual descent from Abraham are doubly brothers to Jacob. As are those who are Members of the Body of the One who is both root and branch of Jacob as He is of Jessee.

    With affection in our blessed Lord,

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