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Al Jazeera, Roku,, and spin

February 2, 2012

Roku is a gadget that connects various internet streaming services to ones tv. Strongly recommended.

From the link, I have found that the stream is broadcast locally at 1390 am. The Roku service, tunein, connects me to that local station (and others) streaming static free. Search on roku at the link provides information that Russia Today will be streamed by a Roku service in US and Canada.

All kinds of spaghetti but connections may be traced from both the Roku, and internet, and Roku internet site. All kinds of fun.

The best tv news is available via roku newscaster from Al Jazeera English. Marvelous absence of spin. General Arab oil magnate slant of course. And specific slanting by specific reporters and according to specific news source locations. But slanting has to do with point of view and any distortion may be corrected. Spin is always deceitful and comes from the father of lies. The media, education, governments, etc. of the modern West are generally well spun.

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