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World’s Best Shoe

January 24, 2012

Marvelously comfortable, warm in winter, dry in summer, easy on and off, socks needed only for formal occaisions such as weddings and funerals. Original 1934 dark brown thick leather mocassin rawhide laced version best. (Replacement soles available at lower cost and longer wear, but without the fabulous patented dog’s paw traction on either wet or dry (but not oily) surfaces. (Grease spills endanger all rubber soled people. May be safest to take off your topsiders and go barefoot in some kitchens. Rubber soles are often banned in commercial kitchens.))

Recommended Sperry Topsider link for men, – women, boys and girls, sizes and styles also available. But apparently only women’s sizes in the preferred syle and color shown at men’s link.

How to Make Your Sperrys Look Worn

Giving your Sperrys a worn look might take a few days.

Jan 18, 2012 / By Flora  Richards-Gustafson
Boating enthusiast Paul Sperry originally made his Top-Sider shoes after  noticing that dogs maintain good traction on slick surfaces, like ice. The pads  of his dog’s paw inspired Perry to make his first line of seaworthy kicks that  were exponentially more fashionable than galoshes and black boots. Whether you  could live your life on the water or are a landlubber, a worn pair of Sperrys  can make you look like you have a life that involves more than just your office  job and strolls in the park.
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A really splendid addition to the above linked advice is to follow the advice of The Official Preppy Handbook and use single wraped-around strands of bright red and green tape to hold the left and right, respectively, soles to the front of the shoes. Do not follow the illustration in the Handbook. The otherwise estimable Handbook somehow allowed a landlubber to incorrectly assign the colors. Experienced mariners know very well that the red running light is on the port (left when facing forward) side and the green to starboard (right when facing forward). (This is an indication of who has the right-of-way. The ship on the right generally. You may need to draw a picture to understand this.)

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  1. Give your feet a treat. Those who treat their feet right are more apt to treat other people right. This is a little recognized corollary to loving ones neighbor as oneself.

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