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The Torah for beginners of both faiths

January 24, 2012

From a probably reliable source:

But few of these resources can be utilized by both Jews and Christians. Although Jews and Christians have a common interest in the 39 books that make up the Hebrew Bible/Old Testament, there are few resources that can be shared by both. Invariably, each book or study Bible is designed with a target audience in mind and little if any thought or space is given to how the other faith community interprets and/or uses the scriptures. Sadly this is the case with most resources that are not used by those with more scholarly interests.

But this gap between the two faith communities is reduced in the new book by Joel Kaminsky and Joel Lohr The Torah: A Beginners Guides (Oneworld Publications, 2011). Kaminsky is a Jew and Lohr a Christian. Together they combine their respective faiths and expertise to introduce readers to the first five books of the Bible commonly known as the Pentateuch or Torah.

From Amazon link: The Torah: A Beginner’s Guide (Beginner’s Guides) (9781851688548): Joel S. Kaminsky, Joel N. Lohr: Books [[From Amazon Customer Review:]] “While not `preaching’ historical criticism, it takes a stand that the theories are accepted by scholars and helps to show a way for believers to accept them. In doing so, the authors easily handle objections, such as supposed Mosiac authority, and other factors. Added to this is a view of how both Jews and Christians, along with a brief section on Islamic views at the beginning, view the Torah and this is done so without polemics. I don’t want you to get the impression that this book is a dumbed down version of a real book which seeks to placate all views; it’s not. It presents critical theory, modern interpretation, and religious differences in clear, concise language so that a reader can be informed.”

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  1. One of the great things about the Douhay-Rheims version is that it can be comfortably used by both Romans and traditional protestants.

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