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The shallowness of the visual media

January 23, 2012

From a forum thread on Christian tv.

The best Christian tv I have seen is from non-Christian secular crypto-socialist sources.

The BBC was outstanding with the Chronicles of Narnia. “Christian” productions for children are often shallow and anti-biblical.

PBS did a great series on the great evangelical re-surgance of the last half of the last century.

Most of what I have seen is shallow and liberal. Some may be educational and informative. But not much is truly edifying.

As Marshal McLuhan put it, “the media is the message”.

The visual media overwhelm our non-visual capacities for absorbing and processing information.

We are built to be informed by speech from familiar trusted persons. And writing from familiar trusted authors.

The visual brings too much distraction from the words that edify.

Words are an abstraction of the experiences of others.

The camera is much less effective in seeing the important things through the eyes (and minds) of others.

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