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The Carnal Christian Is a Fabulous Monster

January 23, 2012

(Like Alice’s friend, the Unicorn. Or, for that matter, like the Unicorn’s friend, Alice. Or, for that matter, HIV.)

My apoligies for addressing a serious matter in a jocular manner. But, at times, seriousness replaces reason with received wisdom.

From forum thread:

Okay. You have not directly addressed the error since you do not recognize it as an error.

You are in good company. Often calling attentions to common errors is judged by those in ministry, often in very effective ministry, as not worth the fuss.

But it is best, I believe, to be aware of the distinction that the apostle plainly makes between appearance and reality, between behavior and eternal state.

(Rom 8:9-10 NKJ) But you are not in [flesh] but in [spirit], if indeed [a s]pirit of God dwells in you. Now if anyone does not have [a s]pirit of Christ, he is not His. 10 And if Christ is in you, [your] body is dead because of sin, but [your spirit] is life because of righteousness. [Obvious meaning rescued from dead hand of traditional translation.]

Carnality is an accidental part, not an essential part, of the begotten again Christian. The use of the adjective for a non-permanent attribute is deceptive at best.

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