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For press Obot, spin trumps drill

January 18, 2012

For our president’s Press Secretary, spinning the official jobs report trumps officially recommended drilling and pipelineing.

Official spin:

Well, first of all, the Jobs Council wasn’t talking about Keystone specifically. The Jobs Council was talking about the importance of expanding domestic oil and gas production, a goal this president shares and has expounded upon at length, and has taken action as a policy matter to demonstrate his commitment to.

Official report recommendations:

The Council recognizes that providing access to more areas for drilling, mining and renewable energy development is controversial, but, given the current economic situation, we believe it’s necessary to tap America’s assets in a safe and responsible manner.

Additionally, policies that facilitate the safe, thoughtful and timely development of pipeline, transmission and distribution projects are necessary to facilitate the delivery of America’s fuel and electricity and maintain the reliability of our nation’s energy system.

[…] Regulatory and permitting obstacles that could threaten the development of some energy projects negatively impact jobs and weaken our energy infrastructure need to be addressed. Speedy adoption of best practice standards would allow government officials to reduce regulatory and permitting obstacles to important energy projects.

It appears as though our president is determined to reduce available domestic energy, increase energy dependence upon Muslims, decrease domestic job availability, increase Muslim job availability, decrease domestic wealth, increase Muslim wealth, increase domestic energy prices, etc., despite the advice of almost all others, particuarly the informed & wise, and those sharing the best interests of Americans and of all humanity.

Source of above edited quotes:

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