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Crypto-Luddites March On

January 18, 2012

SOPA is the equivalent of smashing the Gutenberg press – Telegraph [UK] Blogs

Piracy is not going to be solved by the heavy hand of the law. As far as businesses should be concerned, it can only ultimately be “solved” by new business models, just as radios, record players, tape recorders, and video recorders all required media companies to figure out new ways of making money. We are not about to jump in a time machine to return to the 60s and give up the internet just because some companies can’t compete.

While SOPA has been shelved for the moment thanks to a popular outcry, some speculate that this was merely a planned retreat and that its predatory spirit will live on in Pipa or other acts. As a result, major websites, including Wikipedia and Reddit, have decided to continue with their blackouts today in an effort to highlight the issue and rally support against the acts. With luck, the authors of SOPA and PIPA may discover that they have stumbled across the one issue that unites internet users of every kind and persuasion.

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