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Freedom first, maybe no blog Wednesday

January 17, 2012

N.B. This blog is hosted and supported in a generally excellent way by It may not be available tomorrow, Wed. Jan. 18, 2012.

Censorship is not the answer to web pirates, perverts, and malfactors. Due process by way of administrative courts with appeal to real courts and real world targeting of wrong-doing via advertizers, search engines, banks, etc., needs to be developed in a knowlegeable, wise way by those who put freedom first.

Our forefathers have paid a high price in blood to preserve our God-given freedoms.

The least we can do is to vote for and support those who would preserve those freedoms.

‘“Tomorrow will be a big day of action,” said Tiffiniy Cheng, director of, which is organizing the blackout. “The fight will continue until we get the final say from members of Congress that these bills will be dropped, and we’ll start from the beginning on how to balance protection of copyright with expression online.” Wikipedia, Reddit and WordPress are among several sites that have already committed to going black Wednesday. Liberal nonprofit Moveon.Org joined the cause Monday.’

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