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Impeachment of Judges

January 9, 2012

From a forum post.

{{_ bob>Are you also meaning to impeach judges?}}

___ There are probably quite a few that ought to be impeached.

___ Maybe the House Judiciary Committee should investigate and impeach the worst offenders in order to put the fear of impeachment into the rest of those lifetime appointees.

___ And if the last two appointees to the Supreme Court live up to their prior behavior, they might well merit impeachment in the next few years.

___ Impeachability of the judiciary is in many ways different than impeachability of the executive, since the offices and functions are quite different.

___ But the primary rule in both is to detirmine if the behavior is egregious. Is the conduct abnormal, beyond the pale, not generally found or expected, or commonly exemplified, in those holding the office.

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