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Coming soon: Jim’s Bible Reference Links

January 8, 2012

I plan to be incorporating Jim’s Bible Reference Links (jbrl) in my blog,, and my FaceBook wall, Jim Batley, and my Delphi forum posts, JimSmiling J:), and my Gmail, JimSmiling333, etc., whenever time, etc., permits.

This blog post is a permanent reference to my Bible Reference Links (jbrl). I plan to add links to later versions of jbrl in this post.

The jbrl code in past embedment will not be updated with new versions and new versions may not be downward compatible, so I plan to have separate version documentation separately and easily available.

The basic operation is quite simple.

Click on the chapter number to link to at the chapter and version in the reference.

Click on the verse number to link to at the verse and version in the reference. (Verses before and verse after also displayed. But maybe not in first version.)

Click on the version identifier to link to at the NET Bible and NET Notes for the chapter. (A single click from there gets a verse from ten or so versions. A single click will also get a commentary on the chapter instead of the NET Notes. Other resources also available.)

BibleGateway resources are extensive. Easy to change version to one of your favorites.

Click on the book identifier to get extensive help at a post on this blog that is specific to the code of the embeded jbrl, this may differ as improvements are made after the embedding tool is used. The embeding code will also be available at the linked help post and should be relatively easy to use. Word 2010 Replace parameters are currently being tested and look good. Word macro and other embedding tools may follow.

The goal is to have the producer of an HTML document (be it forum or blog post, web site page or email} easily change all refereces (that are in a standard form from most used Bible software and sites, with or without texts} and add the above discribed embedded links to each.

Comments and suggestions welcome. Adding comments to this post is probably the easiest for both you and me.

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