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Tongues – one man’s opinion

January 4, 2012

[From a forum post.]

{{_ Why is it that those who do not speak in tongues always talk like they know all about tongues?}}

___ Some of us may not be completely ignorant.

___ One of my father’s most frequent quotations: “A wise man learns from his own mistakes. A wiser man learns from the mistakes of others.”

___ Several decades ago I spent some time studing the subject: church history (even Agnes Ozman and the Azusa Street mission), both scientific and theological authorities, etc.

___ On these forums I have read the extensive testimony of several who have spoken in tonques. And I have heard others speak in tongues.

___ My own theory is that speaking in tonques is possible to all humankind. It consists of partially recovering the childhood memories of first learning lanquage by reproducing sounds and rhythms without recognizable words or meaning. The theory is supported by the cases of “Bridey Murphy” and a similar recall of German. Someone in the household had taught a child a language, but the language and the teacher were forgotten. Later a real language was recovered. It seems sensible to me to regard tongues as a normal phenomenon which occurs when the social environment encourages it.

___ This does not, of course, negate the place of Providence execising His sovereign will. As is the case with much healing that is often considered miraculous.

___ And all this is consistent with what I have termed the Bible’s final word on tonques.

___ (1Co 14:39 NKJ) Therefore, brethren, desire earnestly to prophesy, and do not forbid to speak with tongues.

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