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Presiding Bishop Meanders On

January 4, 2012

Godlessness and Lawlessness March On:

“Presiding Bishop Jefferts Schori’s Aggression Against Anglican Leaders “Jefferts Schori attacks Archbishop Rowan Williams with the Charge of Double-Mindedness “By Sarah Frances Ives  | Special to Virtueonline  |  | December 19, 2011

“In Jeffert Schori’s recent book, The Heartbeat of God, she cleverly weaves together her vision of the future Episcopal Church-interfaith communities partnered with a huge United States government. She writes, it is all about, “Mission, mission, mission”, (91) and describes many different projects that parishes can start in tandem with the government and other secular groups. Jefferts Schori’s underlying terror in this book is clear: create more projects at the parishes or the Episcopal Church is going to disappear. Get to work, peons. Our ship is sinking.

“She tells us what to do about any problem in glib and superficial terms that include disparate advice such as to eat our protein, wash our dishes by hand, celebrate layoffs in the Episcopal Church, support the Obama health care bill, call ourselves beloved, criticize the Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams, make the United States government limit capitalistic profits, declare unity in the Episcopal Church, and plant gardens on the church lawns. [..]”

– VirtueOnline – News – Exclusives – Presiding Bishop Jefferts Schori’s Aggression Against Anglican Leaders

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