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Sandmonkey the Valiant: 2011 Twittered Retrospective.

January 1, 2012

Sandmonkey 2011 retrospective tweets on. “He has gone neath streaming banners where noble deeds are done” And he marches on.

Interesting & exciting & risky & joyous & sad year for some in Egypt. Including an old & favorite blogger. Blogging the revolution is so yesterday. Twittering the revolution is cutting edge.

” Mahmoud Salem (sandmonkey) on Twitter ||  Mahmoud Salem  @Sandmonkey Egypt  Micro-celebrity, Blogger, activist, New Media d-bag, Pain in the [a%%]! E-mail me: || “About @Sandmonkey || . 38,452Tweets || 998Following || 61,399Followers || 2,517Listed “  ||

“SandmonkeyMahmoud Salem: Okay, my website is hacked, and the network is down. I am starting to get #jan25 flashbakcs. 2011, why do u do this to me? :S || 3 hours ago  || SandmonkeyMahmoud Salem || Wish I was celebrating New Year’s in #tahrir tonight 😦 || أنا ازدواج غير عقلاني… || @Neo0rabie @naguibsawiris with all due respect, u dunno what u r talking about. 🙂 || Just received the sweetest call from the awesome @SorayaBahgat. Ta3aly sinai ba2a. || 3 hours ago  || hebaelkayalHeba Elkayal || @Sandmonkey a pleasure despite the moments I have wanted to scream at you 😉 also, who can forget our moment at Amn El Dawla? ❤ || 4 hours ago  || Retweeted by Sandmonkey  || SandmonkeyMahmoud Salem || @BiesanAK miss u 🙂 ||

Resolution: 2012 will be the year I settle down. I just hope I find someone crazy enough to want to do that with me. 😛 || 4 hours ago  || ioerrorJacob Appelbaum || The new years resolution of all revolutionaries: Stay Free || 4 hours ago  || Retweeted by Sandmonkey  || SandmonkeyMahmoud Salem || @monaeltahawy lol, having them was awesome. ||

Oh, and by the way, I was just informed that there were attempts to hack my blog. Ha…you silly silly [f%%%]s. 😛 || Also, this was the year where I added another insane memory with @moneltahawy , who every time we meet something crazy happens 🙂 || @TheMiinz you too ya menna 🙂 || @MarwaMfarid am heading out, bas 7ader. 3enayah. || And now it’s time for me to go, end this year in style. Goodbye #2011, u kicked the world’s [a%%]. Bring it on 2012. 🙂 || @ioerror by that I meant, very diplomatic 😀 || @ioerror that was so unlike you :p ||

But this wouldn’t be right without sending the best greetings to my old friends & heroes: @alaa & @MaLek . U sacrificed a lot, both of you. || @GalalElhamamsy fashkh 🙂 || This was the year I founded @tweetbackegypt , which I am very proud of, and of all of those who helped me make it successful 🙂 #2011 || @Soor88 Oh yeah 🙂 || 4 hours ago  || FingolasMartin Holland || @Sandmonkey And this was the year when we around the world hoped and finally cheered with the egyptians. I wish you an even better 2012! || 4 hours ago  || Retweeted by Sandmonkey  || SandmonkeyMahmoud Salem || People who attended that celebration inlcuded @Sarahngb @eurkaism @miawakid @patphares @mflakah @FantakiZ @embee & @mandoz 🙂 || #2011 We took over the Starbucks patio, opened champagne bottles, distributed beer on the on-goers & invited a ton of twitter people 2 join. ||

But my favorite memory has to be #feb11 , & the impromptu celebration we had in Heliopolis in the street that was nothing short of legend. || This is the year I met people am huge fans of: @YouNasrallah @moezmassoud @Esseily 🙂 || This is the year where I gatherd the awesome & dysfunctional team of the @salemcampaign . Walked through the fire with me, those guys. #2011 ||

This is the year where I got my face on billlboards & in TV ads, which till this date I never got to see. :S || @JosStrengholt same here Jos 🙂 || And the friends I made in the #jul8 sit in: @nazlyhussein @GalalElhamamsy @Allamooo @3effat & @Fouda_ . Brilliant people. Brilliant. 🙂 || This was the year #salonelmonkey & its inhabitants : @minoushy @SherifRakabawy @AmrElGabry & the brilliant @RaniaHHelmy || This is the year where I met @dadamagh . Enough said. #2011 ||

This is the year where I met @iskander26 , one of the best people Almaza has to offer 🙂 #2011 || 5 hours ago  || iskander26Mina Iskander || @Sandmonkey #2011 is the year when i had the chance to help an honest man help more people of our country, Honoured 🙂 || 5 hours ago  || Retweeted by Sandmonkey  || SandmonkeyMahmoud Salem || This is the year where I met the person behind @tahrirsqrnation whom I am very proud to call my friend. 🙂 #2011 || 5 hours ago  || shimaagamalShimaa Gamal || @Sandmonkey i am having high hopes on 2012. The world is coming to an end. This should be our year 😉 || 5 hours ago  || Retweeted by Sandmonkey  ||

SandmonkeyMahmoud Salem || This is the year where I didn’t make peace with @waelabbas , which is my fault, & I hope we can do that the next year. #2011 || It was also the year I finally got to know the super sweet @hebaelkayal , who has stayed my friend despite my at times obnoxious nature || This is the year where I failed completely at ever meeting the elusive @shimaagamal . Mesh sanatnah ya captain 🙂 #2011 || This is the year I discoverd @Sadek94 who continues to amaze me despite being only 16. #2011 || This is the year I finally got to know @hmeguid , whom despite our best efforts can never make our schedules work. || This year I traveled to UAE, Switzerland, Denmark, Belguim, the US, Italy, Slovenia, the Netherlands, the UK. #2011 No wonder am broke. ||

This is the year I’ve personally met many heads of state , but the only person who deserved the respect they got was @ioerror #2011 || This is the year where I discoverd two of the best people this country gave birth to : @monasosh & @NoorNoor1 . No joke || I met the eternally joyful & brilliant @sultanalqassemi , who I treasure knowing & wish the best birthday to tonight. 🙂 || #2011 is when I reconnected with old friends & rediscoverd friends in a new light: @hadytarek @salmazohdi @salmaelnoshokaty @ismahdy || #2011 is the year I discovered the brilliant @mahagaber , who really secretly runs this world. ||

#2011 is the year I discovered how this country really functions, & what lies behind the revolution. A tale to be told, one day. || #2011 Met @SarahEbeid with @zazyhafez & became great fans of both of them, despite how big of polar opposites they are. ||

#2011 was when I fought with the police, led demonstrations, camped in #tahrir, ran for parliament, & lead election campaigns. #insane || #2011 was when I finally met @NaguibSawiris , who is in my opinion one of the smartest & most interesting people I’ve met here. || #2011 got to experience the year with @ramyyaacoub , who will forever be my brother, no matter what. ||

#2011 was the year I did everything: Finally got arrested, revealed my identity, finally found out how many people in Egypt were fans, || #2011 was when I became friends with the Bishara brothers @karimgb & @khaledgb who introduced me to the awesome @RagySoliman || #2011 was when I met @amiramikhail @amirasoliman @eyousry @mflakah @YehiaMelgammal @Kemety @CoreRepublic @fazerofzanight & @nadalshazly || And because this was the year of @Sarahngb , she was also with me on #jan25 when I bumped into everyone I knew from before. ||

#2011 started with a crazy new year’s eve party with @Sarahngb where my car got stolen & returned & ended with the church attack in alex. || So, everyone is being nostalgic about 2011…ok, let’s hop on the nostalgia train, shall we. || 5 hours ago  || mar3eMohammed Maree || محمود غزلان، المتحدث باسم الإخوان:- الجماعة لا تمانع فى منح أعضاء المجلس العسكرى حصانة من المحاكمة، تكريمًا لهم إذا كانت لديهم رغبة فى ذلك || 6 hours ago  || Retweeted by Sandmonkey  ||

SandmonkeyMahmoud Salem || @Aymondo not an attempt to do so. Am just speaking of the image is all. Nuttin racist about it. Nubians are awesome. || @Eyousry @mflakah @Ali_Bahnasawy @dnosseir @Snoureldin #7ob || @Kikiesque sharm || @cairowire call meeeeeeeeeeeee || @Kikiesque feinek? || 7 hours ago  || cynthfarahCyn Farah || طنطاوي يا راجل يا عرة؛ رايح تاجر عيال يقولوا لأمريكا اللي أنت مش قادر تقوله بعد ما امريكا مسحت بيك البلاط يا هوزوء. ‎‏ || Retweeted by Sandmonkey  || SandmonkeyMahmoud Salem || @Zeinobia wenty kaman. Eih ra2yek? || SandmonkeyMahmoud Salem || @jegerentwit yes || SandmonkeyMahmoud Salem || @EgyptSecularist || SandmonkeyMahmoud Salem || @danrapp || SandmonkeyMahmoud Salem || @savadeeb @wonderluvin || SandmonkeyMahmoud Salem || @AlyTalibab || SandmonkeyMahmoud Salem || @Zeinobia @Sarahngb @AlyTalibab || SandmonkeyMahmoud Salem || Here is the post again, on a mirror website : #[f%%%]DDOS || SandmonkeyMahmoud Salem || @MaisaraGad ana faketny men anonymous 3ashanak. zabatny 🙂 ||

MeraJustCausesAmira Abouzeid || Cyber attack on @sandmonkey Blog ! Now that is a stupid thing to do ! || Retweeted by Sandmonkey  || TheAnonMessageAnonymous Message || @Sandmonkey Awesome. We support you and everyone else in #Tahrir #Egypt || Retweeted by Sandmonkey  || […] “” – [Rough edit of raw twitter feed 12/31/2011 5:15 PM US ET by jvb]

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