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Counter-revolution still kicking in Russia

December 28, 2011

Spirit of the Grand Duchess Anastasia marches on. “Nazi-saluting nationalists march through Moscow in ‘Take back Russia’ protest over Muslim migrants
5,000-strong mob chants ‘Russia for Russians’”
N.B, 1 A noted military historian has called the Slavs, the toughest people in Europe. 2. The cross at the top of the poles holding the Imperial flag is quite similar to the ornament used with the Maryland flag. And with the portion of the Maryland flag used as their sovereign confederated state flag by the First Maryland Regiment, CSA. | 3. The bodies of Czar Nicholas and his family were recovered after the fall of their Soviet murderers. They now rest with their Imperial ancestors in the appropriate cathedral. His youngest daughter was widely thought to have survived. She bore the Greek name of an early saint, the New Testament word for resurrection. 4. Anyone upset by Islam cannot be all bad. 5 “The adjective is usually spelled either “botone” or “botony,” but as the form in the law is “bottony,” that spelling becomes correct and legal in Maryland.” | 6, Pins in the cross bottony shape were worn on uniforms, and the headquarters flag of the Maryland-born Confederate general Bradley T. Johnson was a red cross bottony on a white field. |  7. The counter-revolution is still alive and kicking in mother Russia. 8. The Rennselaer Society of Engineers, founded in 1866, may have had Maryland federal veterans. The house colors plus the school colors match those of the present Maryland flag which the First Maryland Regimant, USA used as their sovereign federated state flag. 8. The two Maryland regiments faced one another in one battle, but providentially not directly opposite. 9. Part of being eighty years old is that one tends to ramble.

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