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Personal update copy from email

December 24, 2011

Personal update from email to brother

I miss the dryness of northern places, takes the moisture and discomfort out of the air when temp is below freezing. But I miss the snow, too. Not as much as my friend Mareina who was born in Yaraslaval, near Moscow.

The great service of 9 lessons and 9 carols was designed by Dinty. (To be expected, of course, he was a Moore.) King’s College Chapel, Cambridge, with all its grandeur pales in comparison for choices of lessons, readers, and music.

I am glad that FedEx found you without a street address. Their method of tracking shipments from the internet has become extraordinarily convenient. They reported the delivery. I would have checked the signature but it was a bit extra fuss.(All one has to do is to copy tracking number from vendor shipping email and paste in box found by googleing fedex tracking. FedEx remembers and several shipments can be tracked at once.)

Glad all is well. I am quite cozy. Mr. Coffee machine and microwave on my left hand. Redskin game muted on the TV to my right. Music streaming from (best I have found), on Creative speakers. Copying Shakespeare from saved Word 2010 document on my semi-powerfull HP pc & wide-flat-screen semi-big HP monitor.

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