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Essential lawlessness of improper government

November 11, 2011

Essential lawlessness of improper government. Freedom of expression marches on.
Sometimes riot is understandable. Particularly when a news media vehicle is overturned. Where was vigilant investigative reporting when we needed it?
(The spirit of those brave Pennsylvanians of old who tarred and feathered federal tax collectors lives on.
(The Congress repented of its foolishness a few years later and the tax was terminated.
(Until the time that the works of the “tyrant” whose “heel [was] on our shore” here in Maryland required increased revenue.
(There are corollaries to Esther 1:8. Such as prohibition of prohibition whether through law or taxation.
((Est 1:8 YLT) And the drinking is according to law, none is pressing, for so hath the king appointed for every chief one of his house, to do according to the pleasure of man and man.
(Note that “law” is unqualified. Universal natural law, knowledge implanted in the creature by the Creator is implied.)

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