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Joe Paterno & Innocent VIII Greatly Underrated

November 10, 2011

Penn State coach Joe Paterno and Pope Innocent VIII greatly underrated. From recent email:
___ Paterno the Great. [/] Again, following the example of the Romans seems advisable.
___ Joe Paterno should be distinguished from ordinary coaches.
___ In the same manner as Leo the Great, Gregory the Great, and Nicholas the Great are distinguished from ordinary popes.
___ (Some are suggesting referring to John Paul II of happy memory as John Paul the Great.
___ (My candidate for such advancement is Innocent VIII.
___ (He  became my personal favorite when I learned that he was the first pope to publically recognize his illegitimate children.
___ (But the historical effect of his elevating birth control to a capital offense merits the title of Innocent the Great.
___ (The increased number of sons in aristocratic and upper middle class families led to a few nations in western Europe dominating half the world.
___ (There were insufficient positions at home for men of such lineage, so they went off and conquered the world.)
Prior email.
___ For what it is worth, I firmly believe that Penn State ought to hold Coach Paterno in the same regard as the Romans regard the Pope.
___ The Coach may retire when he freely and willingly decides for whatever reason he deems important.
___ Otherwise the end of his tenure is to be determined by the Almighty.

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