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Answer to government lawlessness?

November 3, 2011

___ Answer to U.S. political lawlessness?
___ The only sensible answer is the swift impeachment, conviction, and removal from office of our president and vice-president.
{{_ On what grounds?}}
___ An impeachable offense is whatever the House majority says it is. Their decision is mainly political and administrative, not judicial. Like that of a District or US Attorney. And the offense need not be criminal. Indeed it is political in the highest sense of the word. And proof need not beyond the shadow of a doubt. Life, liberty, and property are not in jeopardy. The test is the egregiousness of the behavior. Is the behavior beyond the pale of that expected of those taking the oath?
{{_ I suggest voting Republican in 2012.}}
___ They have a majority in the House now.
___ That is all it takes to have various committees subpoena witnesses of various malfeasance, misfeasance, and nonfeasance in all areas of government. And to get plenty of evidence on video tape. Which would go viral and make the case twenty times over.
Christian AAA Bible Study Forum #34087.4

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  1. Actually voting out all incumbents would be a good first step.

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