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Our president’s government & media mass murder cover up

November 2, 2011

Our president’s homicide enabling minions in media and government spin on. “AZ Sheriff Says 2 Seized Guns Tied to ‘Fast and Furious’ [… T]wo guns seized as part of a major drug smuggling bust have been connected to [an obvious 200+ homicide enabling, pro-government-gun-control propaganda-enabling, criminal and impeachable federal government operation spun as a} botched  federal investigation [and] known as “Fast and Furious.” [/] “Fast and Furious” was a [spun as] controversial Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms’ [criminal and impeachable operation spun as] investigation [and] that [obviously purposely, criminally and impeach ably] lost track of up to 1,400 weapons that were sold in Arizona gun stores to suspected straw buyers for Mexican drug gangs. [/] A number of guns have been recovered at crime scenes [involving 200 homicides] in Mexico and two were found at the scene of a Border Patrol agent’s death.”

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