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Crosses: Given or Taken?

October 30, 2011

From a post at Bible Talk on Delphi forums
___ You may want to consider a later post of mine on this thread. It may seem a bit harsh. Particularly since many have come to a sincere trust in an almost universal tradition. But I sincerely believe that that tradition has obscured an important affirmation of the Gospel.
\\_ Do we bring our crosses to Him? [/] Or does He give us crosses?// – .87
{{_ I do not know any scripture that addresses your question. It may mean this is not something we should consider. By denying self we do know there will be a cross and we should joyfully carry this cross and follow Him. Just as He joyfully carried His cross for our salvation because He knew He would save mankind.}}
___ Good answer. Neither directly suggests anything in scripture that I know of.
___ God preordains good works that the elect might walk in them. This may involve burdens. But not crosses. To bear a cross willingly is to admit that one is a criminal deserving crucifixion. Such an admission, is, of course, a denial of self, specifically a criminal, sinful self, destined for eternal condemnation. To take up a cross willingly and knowingly as a born again Christian is, though uninstructed ignorance, to deny ones salvation and to deny Christ. The Galatians got into similar difficulties.
___ The disciples, as part of the faithful remnant of Israel, had their sins covered, not taken away. They were in need of the complete salvation that would be available at Golgotha. So, they were to admit the failure of the law to permanently do away with their sins, and to deny the self that fell short of that glory which God intended for man,, and to take up spiritual crosses, and follow Christ to Golgotha.
___ They, and we, did not bring our crosses to Him. Simon of Cyrene was provided to bring all our crosses to Golgotha so that all our crosses might become His cross. So that all our sins might be posted on that Cross. So that He might take away all our sins.

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